Friday Night Velocity is BACK!!!


Lock July 24th into your calendar, Friday Night Velocity is returning face to face for term 3!!!


The Velocity team is ready and keen to invite our students back to hang out with old friends, make new friends, have a mad time, and talk about how awesome Jesus is! And, we’re ready to do it safely, following the Covid rules that have been put in place by the Sydney Anglican Diocese.


On the 24th of July, we’ll be handing out our limited edition Velocity Hoodies on the 24th of July. You can order your hoodie here:

(Hey, just so you know, for the first time EVER, these hoodies are available for anyone! You don’t have to be on SUMMIT Camp to get them! How cool is that!?)

The best place to keep updated with everything going on is to check out our Instagram (@velocityyouth) or Facebook (Velocity Youth). 


Check out the following info for what Velocity is, how we’re returning safely, and some FAQ that you might have!

What is Velocity?

Velocity is the Youth Ministry of Glenmore Park Anglican Church. It's run by Miles Stepniewski and a team of awesome leaders who love hanging out with and building relationships with students, and we talk about Jesus and stuff. 

Who’s Velocity for?: Students in years 6-12 and early school leavers. Year 5 students are welcome in term 4.

When is it?: 7pm – 9pm, every Friday night during school terms.

Where is it?: Glenmore Park Anglican Church.

How much does it cost?: $3 per student, or $5 for a family.   

What do we do?: We hang out in Pulse (years 6-8), Ham (9-10) and Lounge (11-12) for some of the night, and then join together for News, Velocity Trivia and Preaching time. At Velocity we talk about Jesus and stuff, because we reckon he is the most important and impressive person you’ll ever meet! There’s also heaps of hang time where you can hang out with friends, and make new friends!



What Covid safe things are we doing?


Staying home - Stay at home if you have a fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath.

Hand washing – You’ll need to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you arrive, and wash your hands/use sanitizer throughout the night when you’re asked to.

Contact detail gathering – The government needs us to get contact details and mark attendance. We’ll make sure everyone gives us updated details on their first night back.  

Cleaning – After every gathering at the Church building, we’ll clean hard surfaces (door handles, light switches, chairs, etc) with disinfectant, ready for the next gathering!

Ventilation/Touchless – We’ll try to keep as many doors open as we can to help ventilation, and to reduce touching surfaces – we recommend you come with warmer clothes!

Temperature – When you arrive, we’ll take your temperature at the door. If your temperature is too high, you won’t be allowed to enter.

Handling money – Please try to bring the exact amount needed so that change doesn’t have to be given.



Can I invite my friends?

Yep. We love it when you bring your friends to Velocity. In fact, #friendsdontletfriendsmissVelocity! A good thing to do would be to tell them this info, so that there’s no surprises for them!


What’s the go with SUMMIT Camp?

SUMMIT Camp is our yearly camp that runs in the July school holidays. Unfortunately we weren’t able to be on SUMMIT this year because of Covid. But three pieces of good news!

  1. Our dates are locked in for SUMMIT camp next year!

  2. One awesome part of SUMMIT is our limited edition hoodies, and they’re still available this year! You can order them here:

  3. We’re going to do something extra special for our year 12 students who missed out on their last SUMMIT Camp this year.

How do I contact you?

You can sent us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or email us as:

GRACE WEST ANGLICAN CHURCH (formerly the parish of glenmore park & mulgoa)

4733 1635


16 William Howell Drive,

Glenmore Park 

Please do not attend any gathering at our church building if you have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or travelled overseas in the past month.


We would love for you to join us online.

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